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Life Insurance Quotes​

With a life insurance policy, you’ll be able to protect your loved ones and provide them with a financially secure future. But before you choose to buy a life insurance policy, let’s go over what life insurance is and the different types of policies available.​

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Life insurance is a legally binding contract between you, the policyholder, and an insurer. The insurer will pay out a coverage amount (death benefit) to your beneficiaries after you die, in return for you paying the insurer premium payments to keep your policy active.

There are different types of policies for you to look into. One of these policies is known as term life. Term life insurance only lasts for a set amount of years, or for a specific term. The terms of the policy can range anywhere from 10 to 30 years. Once the term ends, you can choose to renew the policy for another term, let the policy end, or convert it to a permanent life insurance policy.

Since term life policies only last for a set amount of time, so does the death benefit. For example, if you were to die within the term of your policy, your beneficiaries would receive the death benefit. However, if you were to die after the term of the policy has ended, your beneficiaries would not receive the death benefit since you were not covered by the policy at the time of your death.

Unlike term life insurance, whole life insurance is a type of permanent policy that never expires. As long as you continue to pay your premiums to the insurer, your policy will remain active. Whole life insurance also has the ability to accumulate a cash value. This cash value can be accessed by you, the policyholder, to use as a loan or to pay your policy’s premiums.

Universal life insurance is another type of permanent policy that includes a cash value, as well as flexibility. With a universal life policy, you have the ability to lower or increase your death benefit and change your premiums.

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